Hi all, today I wanted to share my experience how I got involved with doing acrylic color paintings.  I am an folk artist . In folk paintings mostly you use solid colors. That’s why I was always afraid of doing shading/ mixing color work .

But once I got a chance to learn oil painting but I was not satisfied with that. I searched a lot and then decide to take classes at du cret art institute because it was matching with my timing as I am a home maker and need to finish all my me work before kids school . I tried to take oil painting classes there but unfortunately there was no space available in oil painting classes.

So, I decided to take acrylic color classes. But today when I look back I feel like sometimes you just let you to flow with the stream. It was my one of the best experience of art coach.  My instructor mr. Mark romanoski is a great instructor . He explains very deeply the shadow, mixing  work. He gives a unique confidence to his students that “I know you can do it”. Now, I can make acrylic paintings with confidence.  But my first love will always  be my folk paintings.

The satisfaction that  I got from doing folk paintings that I do not get from anything else. So, the thing is sometimes just grab the opportunity that time gives you, may be it is the call of god that is offering you some new path of life.


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