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Imagination inspired this painting. Mandala painting by definition is about symmetry and focused toward center. This painting further enhances the impact using dot painting style. Painted on a wooden craft frame using acrylic metallic colors. Size - 12" diameter, 1 cm thick Material - wooden craft board, acrylic metallic paints Painting Style - Mandala, Dot Painting
Mandala, Sun, folk art
Description Nature gives us everything. We cannot touch sun but nature has given us sunflower which always faces sun. Stare into it and you will see so much more. This is a Mandala dot painting, a folk art form from Buddhism era. Painted on a canvas panel using acrylic paints. Size – 6″ by 6″ Style – Folk Art, Mandala dot painting Colors –...
Mandala, Folk Art, Buddhism
Mandala is a Buddhist art form showing microcosm of universe. Dots represent different celestial bodies. Different colors are an attempt to capture colorful universe. Everything pointing to center brings out order to the chaos. This is a Mandala Dot Painting. Created on a 6″ X 6″ canvas in spray-painted gray background. Main painting is made with acrylic colors.