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Spring is here. Colors are everywhere. Flowers are blooming and birds are enjoying sucking nectar. Both play their part in spreading spring far and wide. This is a contemporary art mixed media painting. Base has been created with acrylic pouring method. Bird is painted using dot painting method. Flower is painted with acrylic colors. Size - 12" X 9" Surface - Canvas...
Nature's symmetry is captured in this Whirlpool - acrylic pouring painting. I just provided a medium for paint to spread and kept pouring slow and continuous for a while. Size - 10" by 8" Material - Canvas, Acrylic Colors, non-toxic paint base, glue Painting Style - Pouring Colors - Black, White, Metallic
Yellow Stone national park has so many colors. This nature's painting is my impression of colors in Yellow Stone. I have used acrylic pouring technique. Size: 11" by 14" Base: Canvas Material: Acrylic Colors, non-toxic paint base Painting style: Acrylic pouring
Life can be beautiful in deepest dark spots of nature. This acrylic painting is called Glow in the Dark. I used acrylic pouring to create grass and capture darkness. On top of that is glow imparted by a bunch a mushrooms, painted in acrylic metallic colors. To add fun element I have added a door to this nature's...
This acrylic pouring painting captures colors of Flower. Colors are so vivid but I used just primary colors and golden to add to brightness. Painting Style - Acrylic, Pouring Material - Acrylic Colors, canvas, non-toxic paint base Colors - Primary, golden metallic Size - 10 inches by 8 inches


Yoga Meditation, Buddha, Pouring, Mandala
Yoga meditation brings calmness to a troubled and distracted mind. This painting shows Lord Buddha in a yoga posture meditating and mandala around his face shows calmness in chaos in background. Excellent color combinations are hallmark of this exclusive mandala painting combined with acrylic pouring method. Painted on 10″ by 8″ canvas using acrylic colors.